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You’re in the market for a new home. Perhaps you’re renting or just looking for an upgrade. Or maybe your kids have grown up and moved out, and you’ve been looking around at a bunch of unused space you no longer need. Whatever’s inspiring you to make a move, you have a couple options — you could buy a used home that’s already been lived in, or you could build a new home customized just for you.

But did you know you have a third option?

To-Be-Built (TBB) homes…

As the name implies, these are new construction homes that are planned out, zoned out and ready to break ground as soon as the right buyer comes along. Most people have never heard of this option, so don’t feel bad if this is all news to you. Let’s cover the big reasons why TBB homes may be the exact right fit for you… that you never knew about!

1) You Get a Head Start

When you choose this route and go with a To-Be-Built home, it’s like jumping into building your new home about halfway through the process. In other words, we give you a big head start and shorten the timeline dramatically.

As you might imagine, building a home is a complex process that usually takes about 4-8 months to complete. With TBB homes, you can expect to be moving in within a few months. If time is one of your top priorities, then TBB might be the perfect option to get you exactly what you want without having to go through the entire process start to finish.

2) Pre-Packaged… With Room for Customization

To-Be-Built homes take out a lot of the decision making, which can be a huge relief for a lot of buyers. Let’s be honest, we’re not all great at making decisions, and sometimes we can feel a bit overwhelmed. The building process is fun and exciting, but it certainly comes with the responsibility of having to make a lot of choices.

When you go with a TBB home, the only decisions you have to worry about are all the really fun ones — paint colors, lighting fixtures, kitchen finishes, etc… all the things you immediately think about when you let yourself dream about building a new home. This is the true benefit for most buyers who choose a To-Be-Built home. Plus, you get to enjoy making your selections in our award-winning custom home design studio, Inspirations by Verity…

3) Weeks (if Not Months) of Work is Already Done

Again, we take care of all of the upfront work. We pick the floor plan. We find the perfect lot for the home. We get all the paperwork and permits ready ahead of time. We do it all for you.

For hunters, it’s kind of like going on a guided hunt with a local professional who knows exactly when and where to go to find the herd. They’ve done all the scouting. They’ve prepared all the meals for camp. They may have even packed your bag before you even show up. That’s what choosing a To-Be-Built home is all about. We set you up for a great home building experience by doing the hard work for you ahead of time. You just show up and hunt… or, rather, make your finishing selections!

4) You Get a New, Never-Lived-In Home

A To-Be-Built home is a new home just like any other we build. It’s new. It’s never been lived in. All warranties are in full effect to provide you with the Peace of Mind we promise to every single customer we get to work with.

Aside from the perks we already covered, moving into a home that is truly all yours is a magical feeling. You don’t have to go through the entire process — even though we’ve refined our building process over 20+ years to make it as stress-free as possible. You can still enjoy all the benefits of building vs. buying used when you pick out a To-Be-Built package.