Why Build New

Why Build New

(Versus Buying Used)

It’s the question all homebuyers face: should you buy an existing home that has some history to it, or should you go through the process of building a new home designed and customized just for you? The answer depends on factors like needs, desires and timelines. What surprises most people, however, is that your budget is rarely the ultimate deciding factor you may think it is.

To repeat: your budget is not the most important deciding factor. If you can afford to buy a home, you can afford to build a home.

So what are the important deciding factors? As a team with decades of combined experience building new homes in North Dakota, Verity Homes has learned many lessons from our customers. They’ve taught us what’s really important and why they ultimately choose to build new vs. buy used.

Location, Location, Location

A good realtor will start off any home search with this simple truth — you can update your home, but you can never update your location. It’s so simple, but so true. When you build your own home, not only do you get to pick out everything from paint colors to flooring to fixtures, you get to pick exactly which neighborhood you want to live in. New homes are built in new communities that are well-planned and loaded with amenities like walking trails, wellness centers, new restaurants and schools, etc. all close by. Choosing your preferred location is an invaluable perk to building new.

New Homes Need Less Maintenance

When you move into your new home, the last thing you want to do after unpacking is find yourself in maintenance mode, fixing plumbing issues, replacing worn out appliances or painting. You just want to move in, relax and enjoy your new home. A newly built home provides the peace of mind of knowing everything is new, modern, efficient and won’t require any work or stress. With a new home, everything is under warranty!

Save Money on Energy Costs

Speaking of efficiency, today’s technologically-advanced home appliances will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on yearly energy costs. From heating and cooling units to smart home automation and well-insulated windows, a newly built home is built with efficiency in mind — including indoor air quality. Here in North Dakota with our wild swings in weather, heating and cooling an old, inefficient home can drain your monthly budget year round.

New Homes are Easier to Finance

We’ll say it again — budget is NOT the dealbreaker most people think when it comes to building a new home vs. buying a used home. In fact, quite the opposite. New homes are often easier to finance, as lenders are eager to support growing communities and new developments that will ultimately lead to more business for them. Plus, a new home requires no home inspection (which you will pay for when buying a used home… possibly more than once, if your first pick comes back with a negative report).

It’s Your Dream Home (And Everything is New!)

Far and away, the number one reason why our customers choose to build with us is because they want to live in a home they love. When you build new, you get to make your home exactly the way you want it right from the beginning. Pick your light fixtures and placement. Pick your flooring. Pick your own colors and backsplashes. Dream up your perfect home theater and make it a reality. Imagine a backyard oasis and design your patio with summer fun in mind. Owning a home you built is like seeing a painting you created hanging on display for everyone to see. You made it. You own it. It’s yours and everyone will know it.

New Homes are a Better Investment

Most customers don’t build their dream home with the goal of selling it, but life happens and circumstances change. When it comes time to sell, your newly built home (which may be 5-7 years old at that time) will be far more valuable and desirable than an older used home. For all the reasons mentioned above — home efficiency, new amenity-rich communities, upgraded features, etc. — new homes are a stronger long-term investment compared to older, outdated homes. When you build new, you build financial stability for your future.

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