Verity Home Build Process

to Building Your Dream Home

A fun and easy 12-step process the puts you in control of building your dream home!

Your Home, Your Way

With guidance from our expert designers, you get to hand-select all of your finishes, fixtures and finer details to create a home truly customized to you and your tastes.

That “New Home” Feeling

It’s like that new car smell… except the value of your new home will actually go up! Plus, you’ll be the first to live in it, creating lasting memories in a home all your own.

A Boutique Building Process

We are dedicated to providing a fun, interactive home building experience tailored to you. Like the homes we build, each customer experience is customized. We have our process, but you will always feel confident and in control of every decision.

Investment for Your Future

Building a new home can sometimes “cost” more upfront compared to purchasing a used home, but considering the updating, fixing and repairs that come with older homes, your new energy-efficient home begins to build value (and SAVE you $$) from day one.

1. Getting To Know Each Other

It could be in a conference room, at an open house or on a private tour of one of our model homes — our New Home Specialists can meet you wherever and whenever fits your schedule to kick things off. You will learn how interactive and fun the Verity Homes home building process is and get all of your initial questions answered.

2. How Can We Help You Build Your Dream Home?

What style of home do you see yourself in? How many bedrooms, bathrooms and garage stalls will you need? Do you want a gourmet kitchen? Luxury master bathroom? The discovery meeting is where we really get to know you, your needs and your desires. It’s time to let your imagination run a little wild… we’ll help keep your feet planted in reality when needed!

3.Let’s Get Building!

Home ownership really begins here with the signing of a purchase agreement. You and the New Home Specialist have found a floor plan that fits both your wants and needs, the price fits your budget and you’ve made any necessary structural modifications to your future home.

4. Personalize Your New Home at Inspirations by Verity

Ahh, the really fun stuff! Step inside Inspirations by Verity, our state-of-the-art custom home design studio, where you get to pick out everything from paint colors to flooring, bath fixtures to lighting, kitchen cabinets to home automation… you get the picture. Everything gets selected together, so you walk away confident that both the exterior and interior of your new home flows well and is a reflection of your personal style.

5. Make Sure Everything Is Just Right

Before and groundbreaking, you will meet with your New Home Specialist and your personal builder to go over any last-minute changes you may want to make to your new home. It’s a chance for you to make sure your vision has been communicated and understood, leaving no loose ends unattended or questions unanswered.

6. Time to Make Any Final Adjustments

We listened closely, took our notes and went back to the drawing board to make all the changes you requested during the pre-construction meeting. Now it’s time to sign off on the final construction plan and get started building your new home!

7. Unleash the Big Kid Toys!

A lot of hard work has already been done, but now it’s time to see that hard work come to fruition. That hole in the ground? That’s just the beginning of your new dream home… now only a few short months away!

8. Come See the Progress

This is the first time you “step inside” your new home, even though construction continues. You will feel the quality and care that goes into building your home as we guide you through, giving you another chance to double check everything looks as you were expecting it to look.

9. The Finish Line is Within Site

From the very beginning, we told we’d stay in regular communication throughout the build to keep you informed. The texture update is just one more touchpoint along the way to ensure the build is on schedule… a good time for you to check back in with your finance lender, as your new home is almost done!

10. Step Inside Your New Verity Home!

Once construction is completed on your new home, we will take you on another walk-through to show you everything about how your new home works, how to care for it and how to take advantage of your warranties. This final walk-through will take place about ten days prior to closing.

11.Time to Hand Over the Keys

You know the saying “time flies when you’re having fun!” Our goal with the Verity Homes custom home building process is to make it feel like Closing Day came way too quickly… meaning you had fun, the process went smoothly, you’re now about to move into your new home and the past few months felt like they just flew on by!

12. Because We Care… Even After the Sale

From the first few meetings with your New Home Specialist, you’ve been educated on the Verity Homes new home warranty program. Near the end of the first year in your new home, we’ll be checking in with you to see what, if anything, you’ve found that would fall under a warranty claim. We also take this time to perform minor adjustments and drywall touch-up… totally complimentary.