Peace of Mind

Verity’s Peace of Mind Guarantee

At Verity Homes, we don’t just build houses… we build peace of mind. We promise to deliver a boutique home building experience that is unlike any other builder.

What do we mean by boutique? With Verity Homes, you get treated to a simple, fun and easy building process where you are guided every step of the way to make the best decision possible for your home, your budget and your timeline. It’s a high-end, personal shopping level experience too often reserved only for those with the deepest pockets. At Verity, we build peace of mind by keeping these three promises…

1. An Unexpectedly Stress-Free Experience

Yes, your home is likely to be the single biggest financial investment of your life… but that doesn’t mean it should be stressful (and our experience proves it can actually be the exact opposite). At Verity Homes, we’ve developed a fun, personally guided process that clears away the stress to make room for your creativity to flourish. You will work one-on-one with a New Home Specialist from day one until closing. Your emails, calls and texts will always be answered. Your questions will never be unwelcome. To build peace of mind, we deliver not just a satisfactory customer experience… we promise to give you an unexpectedly stress-free experience.

2. Open, Honest Communication

It’s literally in our name — Verity is defined by “the quality or state of being true or real,” and we live up to our namesake. If we don’t, we give you the power to call us out on it. In fact, we believe so strongly in treating you like the adult you are, we’ve created our own set of standards called “The Verity Homes Rules of Engagement” that governs how we communicate with our customers. It’s an adult agreement that promises three things:

  1. Honesty Over Ego
  2. Transparency Over Confusion
  3. Reality Over Fantasy

Building a new home is a complex process. There is lots of room in this business for ego, hidden mistakes, confusing jaron and general shadiness. We are not that builder. We promise to always be honest with you, and we expect the same level of honesty (brutal as it may be) from you.

3. Your Home, On Budget and On Time

We’re not building your neighbor’s home. We’re building your home… with your budget and your timeline in mind. When you build with Verity Homes, you get a home perfected just for you, your budget and your desired move-in date. Working with your New Home Specialist and our Design Center Consultant, you will get to pick from literally hundreds of options — both interior and exterior — to customize your new home for your needs and desires… all within your budget. We promise to keep our collective feet planted firmly in reality so no surprises pop up, no budgets get blown and no deadlines get passed. Working together, between the two of us the only thing we won’t be able to control is the weather.

Rules of Engagement

Verity Homes Rules of Engagement

At Verity Homes, we build peace of mind by offering a boutique home building process that is simple, fun and easy for everyone involved. We’ve honed our process over the years to ensure communication flows both ways, keeping everyone informed every step of the way.

We build the most lovable, modern and refreshing homes on the market, while ensuring that our team, customers, employees, trade partners, suppliers and investors can grow and develop positively through our partnerships. Our unique Verity process allows us opportunities to also support the local community and the world that we live in by using our efforts of building homes to help those that can’t help themselves.

To accomplish all this, we follow the Verity Homes Rules of Engagement — an “adult agreement” between our team, our customers and our trade partners that clears the way for complete honesty, integrity and open communication. It is the cornerstone of our customer experience. Take a look…

1. Honesty Over Ego

As adults, we promise to always treat each other as adults, meaning we tell the truth even when it’s hard. Building a home is a complex process with many steps along the way. It can be easy to let ego get in the way — on both sides of the relationship. However, as adults we realize nobody is perfect, mistakes will happen and the best way to move forward is to own up to the mistake as soon as it becomes clear so we can find a solution that keeps the project moving. We promise to always be honest with you, and we expect the same level of honesty (brutal as it may be) from you.

2. Transparency Over Confusion

Again, home building is a complex process with lots of opportunity for confusion. We’ve been through the process hundreds of times, so we promise to communicate as openly as possible to keep the potential for confusion as low as can be. We expect the same level of communication from our customers. You will have questions. Please, ask them freely. You will have concerns. Please, let us address them as soon as they arise. Tell us to slow down, repeat or clarify. We promise to make everything as clear and transparent as possible, and we encourage you to give us the opportunity to do so.

3. Reality Over Fantasy

It’s easy to always want to focus on the positive. But if we’re to treat each other as adults, we need to get real with each other. Are we promising more than we can deliver? Are you dreaming of a home that’s simply beyond your budget? Is the weather really going to delay the project? These are tough questions, but they’re real and they deserve honest answers. And chances are one of us just needs to step up and say what everyone in the room is already thinking. We promise to be real with you. We promise not to hide from problems. We promise not to argue with reality… and we expect our customers to do the same.
The Verity Homes Rules of Engagement — our “adult agreement” — helps us form a win-win team with our customers. As a team, we recognize how important it is to support one another in our joint effort to be open, to be truthful and to be vulnerable at times. It’s often a hard thing to do for us Midwesterners, but the rewards we’ve seen from abiding by these rules are unquestionable. When we all act like adults, we all win.