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While each new home build is unique — each with its own quirks and challenges — we’ve learned a lot about how to make the whole experience easier, less stressful and more enjoyable for our customers. It all comes down to communication and setting the right expectations.

This go-to document covers some of the lessons we’ve learned and gives you a bit of background on what you can expect during the construction… as well as what we expect from you to help make the whole process run smoothly and stay on schedule. That said, if you ever have questions, please always feel comfortable reaching out to your New Home Specialist for clarification.

Weather Delays

weather delays

Weather will always delay a job. It’s an unavoidable fact of life here in the Midwest. If we get just two days of rain/snow/storms, for example, it will delay the job by one to three days – depending on the severity of the storm and the amount of moisture we may have received. We will do all we can to catch back up as the weather clears. And, as always, stay tuned to your Builder Trend portal for updates on progress.

Progress Reports and Construction Updates

Speaking of BuilderTrend, this is where we will keep you updated on the progress of your home. We will post pictures and write a little description about what stage your home is currently at and what may be coming next in the process. If you ever have questions, check BuilderTrend first. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to call your New Home Specialist.

The “Ugly Duckling” Stage

Another fact of construction: there are times when your new home will not look… shall we say, pretty. Even though we make sure our new homes are clean 95% of the time, there are stages in which they will be a mess – such as mudding and texturing. As the project moves on, it will get dings and dents, which is why we do a thorough “punch out” process before closing day. In other words, don’t get too worried about the minor details during the building phase… we will absolutely get everything cleaned up and touched up before you move in.

Can I Enter the Construction Zone?

hard hat tour

Yes, BUT ONLY with a Verity Homes representative. This is for your safety and ours… and for OSHA compliance. We know and can totally appreciate the fact that you are going to want to check out your project as your new home gets built. The reason we have BuilderTrend, however, is to keep you updated on the progress. You may still want to walk the home a few times throughout the build, but it needs to be with your New Home Specialist (and your realtor if you so choose).

All Custom Requests Must Be Made Before or During Our Pre-construction Meeting

As much as it may seem possible (and easy), making last minute decisions or requests mid-build is harder and more costly than it looks. So, for example, if you have specific fixtures or appliances that you want in your new home, those need to be brought to our attention before we sign off on the final plan. It needs to be discussed beforehand and documented so we can credit you for materials not needed. If you have a very specific item in mind, the paperwork should clearly define or depict the exact item you are looking for so that we can make that vision happen as expected without making assumptions.

Final Floor Plans Must Be Reviewed In Detail and Signed Off On Prior to Construction

VP of Production

It’s hard for anyone outside the construction industry to be able to look at a set of floor plans and completely understand what you are looking at. This is a critical piece of the process, ensuring you know exactly what you’re signing off on and that we know exactly what we’re building for you. The plans will be reviewed in detail with each important page signed by the homeowner and saved for future reference.

All Inquiries Must Be Directed to Your New Home Specialist

Check BuilderTrend first, then call your New Home Specialist if you still have questions or concerns. The builders you see in the Verity Homes trucks at the job site are extremely busy and have many homes to check on every single day. They’ll happily help and answer your questions, but to be respectful of their time, talents and responsibilities, we ask that you direct your questions to your New Home Specialist.

Construction/Finishing Work After Move-In

Work after moving in, whether it be a basement, garage, deck or landscaping, is going to be much more cumbersome and intrusive than the actual build before you move in. Construction in your home is never fun, but if that’s the deal that was signed, the work needs to get done. We will do our best to keep things clean and as quiet as possible, but essentially you will be living inside a construction zone for the duration of the job. Just something to consider when planning out your home initially… maybe you really DO want your basement finished? Better, easier, less stressful and less costly to do it now while we’re already building and before you’ve moved in.

Escrow/Spring Work

Another necessary evil thanks to Mother Nature and her complete unpredictability. Homeowners naturally expect things to be done right away when the sun comes out and the temps hit 50 for the first time each spring. Unfortunately, it takes a month or so for the ground to thaw in order to ensure quality work. Furthermore, there is only so much that can be hauled in the spring due to the condition of the roads. These things always delay the progress in the spring and such delays must be expected. Early spring work is not a quick or easy process, but we will always get there as soon as we can while still ensuring high quality craftsmanship.