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Is this real life or is this just fantasy? Spring finally decided to get out of bed, giving us the long-awaited opportunity to come out of hiding. To celebrate this festive time, grab the family and participate in North Dakota’s most anticipated annual parade – The Parade of Homes.

While there won’t be a massive Snoopy balloon, there will be beautiful custom homes, flourishing neighborhoods, and easy relationship building. Whether you are working on becoming a first-time homeowner or simply think it’s time for your next purchase, the Parade of Homes, in Fargo and Bismarck, is one of the best opportunities to find your new home. Let’s explore why.

Builder Comparison

A buffet of homes and home builders.

Typical house/home builder hunting requires thorough research and the scheduling of many individual appointments. With a wide variety of home builders and available homes, the Parade of Homes allows you the luxury of gaining direct insight into the quality, reputation, and associated costs among various builders in the area, all at once.

It also provides the convenience of speaking directly with the builders one-on-one, without having to schedule multiple appointments. This allows you develop a handful of relationships with various builders and expedite the entire home buying or home building process.

What’s Trending In The World Of Home Design?

Keeping up on the latest trends and technologies can seem too daunting to even attempt. And without actually experiencing these trends firsthand, it’s hard to really achieve a tight grasp of their true nature. The Parade of Homes gives you that chance.

The homes featured in the Parade give you a closeup look at current layout trends, smart home technology capabilities, eco-friendly building techniques, and more. The real beauty is that each featured home is unique. There truly is a home for every taste and suite of needs.

Neighborhood Perspective

Exploring new neighborhoods isn’t a common thing for most. Most of us are creatures of habit, so we tend to gravitate only to those areas necessary to our everyday lives. However, when it comes to buying a home, the neighborhood is commonly the most important factor.

As Fargo and Bismarck continue to grow, they with continue to foster new, amazing neighborhoods. The Parade of Homes not only allows you to explore these neighborhoods, but it also allows you to gain a feel for what living in these neighborhoods would be like.

Meet Your Realtor

Homebuyers and builders aren’t the only ones participating in the Parade of Homes. If your journey on the Parade leads you to the perfect home, it may also lead you to the perfect realtor. A great realtor relationship is crucial to a great home buying experience.

Many realtors are present during the Parade of Homes and are there to help. Forming a relationship with one of them has the potential to lead to a home buying journey far smoother and easier than starting your journey from scratch. Year after year, the Parade of Homes experience continues to approve. Mark your calendars and your maps. The perfect home is waiting.