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Ready for the understatement of the year? We’re in strange times, folks. Thankfully, we’re also in modern times with technology available to us that is going to make it easier for us to stay open, stay available and, more important, stay safe — both for our employees and our customers, trades, partners, etc. 

Our guiding mission statement at Verity Homes is to Build Peace of Mind, and we can’t faithfully deliver on that promise without changing how we’re working and serving you during this uneasy time. We’re in this together, and we’re going to do our part. 


Sanitation for Sanity

Starting last week, we’ve doubled our efforts to clean and sanitize our offices and available homes. When a potential customer requests a showing or we host anyone for any reason at any of our locations, we will make available hand washing supplies and/or sanitizer. This is the simplest and most prevalent guideline being issued by our national healthcare leaders… 

So, if you don’t wash (and see us wash), there will be no in-person meeting. It takes 20 seconds, which we can all spare. 

Remote Work — Virtual Meetings

We’re a small team as it is here at Verity Homes, which means we’re already pretty nimble and mobile. But, we’re making work-from-home an option for our employees, especially now as schools are being closed. 

Starting now, we are also offering to conduct our usual customer appointments online using video conferencing technology that is super easy to use (and free!). We conduct daily company meetings between our two locations and are very comfortable hosting you online in order to continue following our regular building processes and timelines

Facebook Live “Open Houses”

In a similar fashion, we’re likely going to transition to hosting virtual “Open Houses” and using Facebook Live to broadcast to you and take your questions about the homes live. We’ve hosted many FB live videos, but these virtual open houses will be geared more towards a Q&A style that gives you a chance to learn about our homes and our company while you’re at home (and potentially need a break from your Netflix binge!). Make sure you’re following us on Facebook so you get notified when we’re ready to go live!

Historically Low Interest Rates

So why are we even staying open right now? Who in the h*** is going to want to buy a house in this current climate? Well, good questions. We see both sides of the argument here. 

On the one hand, we get why many people will choose to essentially hunker down and simply maintain for the duration. On the other hand, we’re seeing historically low interest rates coming as the Fed just cut rates on their end to zero or near zero. Thus, for those looking to buy a home or build a home, now — ironically — might be one of the best times to get started on the process. Screen Shot 2020 03 16 at 4.28.45 PMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pZb1V8zOs4

By taking the precautions we are taking, keeping our workplaces clean and avoiding as much contact as possible, we feel we can continue providing many of our services throughout this period. If the situation changes, we will adapt accordingly. And, though it should go without saying, we will follow any directives or guidelines issued by local and federal leaders to keep everyone safe and continue doing our part.