It’s a question we hear from most of our customers:  Why should I build a new home instead of buying a used home already on the market? The classic “New vs. Used” concern is nothing new, and we completely understand and respect the decision buyers need to make. And yes, we’re biased… but we have some facts and real world observations that back up our position.

In fact, we’ve got a whole page that explains the six big reasons why building a new home makes more sense than buying a used home. From location to warranty to customized selections, it gives a great run down of the main perks you enjoy when building a home from the ground up.

Today, however, we’re highlighting the more in your face examples we hear most often from customers who have chosen to move out of their older home and into a new, customized home planned out and built just for them. A home where everything’s new, everything’s fresh and everything’s hand-selected to match the homeowners’ style and taste.

NEW: Large Energy-Efficient Water Heaters!
USED: Small, Leaky Water Heaters

When guests come for Christmas, will your old water heater be able to keep up?

NEW: Up-to-Code Circuit Breakers
USED: Questionable Wiring

When you go nuts decorating your home with lights & decorations, will your old panel be able to handle the load?

NEW: Walk-in-Closets
USED: Bursting at the Seems

Running out of room to hide your Christmas presents? New homes have all the room!

NEW: Home Automation
USED: Did I Remember to Close the Garage?

Safety, security and peace of mind… get it all with hi-tech home automation built into your new home!

NEW: Durable, Easy-Clean Flooring
USED: Old toenail Clippings in Your Carpet

When you buy a used home, nobody ever tells you you’ll be cleaning up after the previous owner… for a while, in some cases.

NEW: Appliances (w/Warranties)
USED: What’s Gonna Break Down Next?

When you’ve got a house full of in-laws (or out-laws!), the last thing your Griswold Family Christmas needs is a broken down dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, etc…

NEW: Energy-Efficient Furnace
USED: Costly Heating Bills

With a new home and a new energy-efficient furnace, you can afford those extra “company degrees” to keep your home cozy for the holidays.

NEW: Energy Efficient Windows
USED: How’s the View?

Old windows have lost their seals and efficiency. Wouldn’t you like to be able to see all those Christmas lights out your front windows?

NEW: Open Concept Living
USED: Closed Off & Compartmentalized

When you host and entertain, your new home with its open concept design will delight guests and keep the party going.