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It’s a fact of life. Prices always go up. Year after year, the cost of building goes up. Raw material prices go up. Labor prices go up. Overhead costs go up. Not always a lot, but if you were a betting man, the odds are definitely in favor of prices going up season after season. 

But good news… you can lock in 2019 prices now for a 2020 build!

Thanks to our lovely ND weather, we’ve passed the point of being able to start a new home this year… but we can get the process started (and completed, even) now, giving you the best pricing possible and putting you at the top of our schedule for 2020… meaning we’ll start building your home as soon as the ground thaws.

Benefits of Staring Now:

  • You won’t feel rushed!
    This is a huge advantage, as the home building process is complex. Our process already focuses on taking the stress out, but giving yourself all this time to make the hard decisions and plan out your home exactly the way you want it is hard to put a price on. 
  • You’ll be top on the list in 2020!
    We’re always at the mercy of Mother Nature, but starting the planning process now with us means you’ll be the first customers we work on come spring… when the ground thaws out. 
  • PRICE! Obviously, a big factor.
    Starting now means you get the best pricing possible. As I mentioned, we always anticipate our materials and labor costs will rise once we get into the next building season. If you wait, you miss out on potentially tens of thousands of dollars in savings. 
  • Rates are LOW.
    Along with getting the best pricing, you can also take advantage of the super low interest rates we’re all enjoying at the moment. There’s no telling how long those will last. 

So, pop open that blue chat icon to the right and let’s talk. If you’re even slightly considering the idea of building, it’ll be worth your time to come in and see what this year’s pricing looks like compared to what’s forecasted for 2020. —–>