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It can be easy to greet the cold fall weather with a touch of bitterness. Some choose to lock themselves in and hibernate, only waiting for the warmth to return in the spring. But up here in the Midwest, as much as we may like to complain about the harsh winter weather, most of us deep down enjoy it.

Why? Because it gives us the chance to indulge our cozier side. We choose to live here with four distinct seasons, so why not make the most of all four! Summer is easy — just go outside and play. Spring is perhaps the most anticipated, daring us to break out the shorts and flip-flops as soon as possible. Fall ushers in the Holiday season and family gatherings. Winter, however, can be a challenge.

But if we embrace fall’s family theme and carry in right into winter, all we need to add is a bit of coziness to keep our spirits up. So with best intentions in mind, here are a few go-to ways to maximize your home’s cozy factor so you can enjoy the cold (and sometimes dreary) days of winter.

It’s All About Ambiance

Candles are a key ingredient to a supremely comfortable atmosphere. Not only do they provide beautiful, soft lighting, but they also add warmth and scent to your space. You can also play around with your lighting, trying different bulbs with different hues and intensities to soften things up a bit. Finally, think about some potpourri with summery, floral-inspired scents to help your mind stay connected to warmer temps.  

Add Some Texture to Your Spaces

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Plush throws, sheepskins and cushions make for a much more inviting space. Cover your surfaces in as many luxurious fabrics and pillows as you can find and snuggle in with a good book or a favorite movie. And remember… faux is just as fashionable as the real thing. If cost prohibits, find inexpensive alternatives to add a layer of coziness to your living spaces.

Throw a Party

Do you tend to hide from your friends as soon as October hits? Fight the urge to retreat, and invite your nearest and dearest (or those you want to know better) over to share your coziness. Chances are almost certain you’re not the only one feeling a little blah during these colder months, so make it the perfect excuse to throw a party. Take it one step further and make it a theme party, asking each guest to bring a dish related to the theme (it’ll cut down on costs and crank up the coziness, as everyone gets to play a part).

Turn Your Movie Room Into a Board Game Room

It can be tempting to grind through winter with marathon after marathon of movies and Netflix. While a quiet Saturday night curled up under a blanket watching a new release has its place, there’s just something inescapably cozy about gathering around a table and playing a board game with your family or friends. And we all know nothing goes better with board games than a table full of snacks… and nothing’s more cozy than comfort food!

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Celebration of the Season

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The coziest room in your home is often your kitchen, the natural gathering place for parties and get-togethers. And there are so many culinary ways to celebrate this time of year, too. With a bountiful harvest in your garden (or at the co-op), you can spend an entire weekend pureeing, pickling and canning so you can enjoy summer tastes all year. Halloween may have come and gone… did you carve pumpkins, make pumpkin pie or roast pumpkin seeds? With the Holiday season in full force, now’s the time to dust off the family cook book and try some favorite recipes to warm up on cool winter days.

What do you do to keep your home cozy throughout the cold winter months? What did we miss?