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Building or purchasing a new home in Fargo or Bismarck should be one of the most fulfilling times in your life. Not only does your home provide you and your family an incomparable sense of safety and belonging, it is also a manifestation and expression of who you are are. Whether it’s your first or 3rd home, there are 5 undeniable signs that you are ready to build or purchase a new home.

You Have The Financial Means and Stability

Settling into your new home should be accompanied by comfort, happiness, and excitement. Unfortunately for some, it is met with remorse or fleeting excitement. Not because of the home itself, but because they purchased the home without proper financial stability. Don’t force your way into a new home just for the sake of having a home. Everything about your new home should be met with joy. Part of this joy means having the financial means to comfortably live in, and maintain, your new home.

Don’t yet have the financial means? Start a savings plan. Audit your current situation and spending habits. Begin putting money aside for a down payment and unexpected expenses associated with your future home. Once you have a established the means to cover a down payment, monthly home payments, and unexpected expenses, without being house poor, your journey as a homeowner will be the experience you deserve.

You Have Outgrown Your Current Living Space

Maybe your first home was simply a great starter home. Maybe your family has grown and 80% of your floor is now covered by toys.  Regardless of the reason, outgrowing your home or apartment should be viewed as an opportunity, not a stress. Not only will a more spacious home eliminate the feeling that you are living in a storage unit, it will allow you to fully enjoy your precious space and provide adequate space for those visiting.

Your Current Home Just Isn’t Your Style

Just as your palette can change throughout your life, so can your taste in home style. Many attempt to give their home a facelift via renovation and revamping. You can put as much makeup on your home as you want, but underneath it’s still the same home architecturally. A bungalow is a bungalow.

A custom home is the only way to truly fulfill your desire of living in the style of home you dream of. At Verity, you will design the home that suits your style needs, and be given opportunity to creatively express yourself. Our builder app is a great way to view our large portfolio of available styles and options.

You Desire A New Neighborhood

As your lifestyle changes and evolves, your neighborhood should complement new needs and desires. Whether you want to be closer to a certain school or located in a more rural environment, it’s important to locate yourself, and your family, in an area that benefits your overall well-being.

Not aware of the various communities in Fargo and Bismarck? Interested in an area you have always wanted to live in? As mentioned above, our builder app is a great tool for discovering the various neighborhoods in the Fargo and Bismarck areas. If you are interested in building somewhere new, our Build Anywhere service allows you to do just that.

You simply Don’t Feel At Home

Is your current home or apartment adequate in space and style but not adequate in providing a true sense of home?

Your home should feel safe and welcome. A place you feel your happiest and most expressive. A sanctuary for you family. This reason alone is enough to consider building or purchasing your own custom home.  With our expertise, and your vision, the perfect home is closer than you think.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]