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Yes, qualifying contingent offers are most often accepted, especially when contingent on the sale of a customer’s current home. We would be happy to help you write up any offers containing contingencies to help answer and questions.

Yes… and no. Due to ground freeze, we are unable to start new construction or new digs during the winter months, but we are always hard at work completing homes that have had their foundations completed prior to the freeze. Typically, October is the last month we are able to begin a new home.

This all depends on floor plans, locations, selections, etc. Typically, our process includes about a 45 day pre-construction phase, which includes several meetings to get to know our customers as we discover together which floor plan and homesite will fit their needs best. Once we start construction work, we typically are able to complete the home and hand over the keys in 120 days. Another scenario that is quite common is when a customer finds a home that has already been started. Depending on the phase of construction, they may be able to make some custom selections of their own. Finally, we also have many move-in-ready homes that would follow a typical schedule for existing homes for sale.

Yes, we will work with customers within a 40-mile radius of our two locations, Bismarck and Fargo. Currently, we are not licensed in the state of Minnesota.

This will depend on the contract specific to each customer, as well as what financing option they have selected. A typical down payment is between 3-10% of total purchase price. We have great relationships with our Preferred Lenders and are happy to make introductions should your clients need to secure financing for their new home… or would simply like a second opinion. NOTE: to qualify for any of our promotions, customers will need to finance through one of our Preferred Lender partners.

In our Bismarck office, we have two New Home Specialists that are licensed real estate agents. They handle our listing in the Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln market. In Fargo, we have partnered with the Brandenburg Crew Inc. of EXP Realty to handle our Fargo, West Fargo and Mapleton listings.

Yes, we are happy to either purchase the lot for your client OR build on a lot they already own. There are usually more specific questions when a customer finds their own lot, so please reach out and we’d be happy to discuss the various options we have.

Yes, while Verity Homes is traditionally a semi-custom home builder, we can (and often do) take one of our existing floor plans and make changes that would create the dream home for your client. From time to time, the modifications requested steer us towards a full custom route, which we are happy to do as well. The process does take longer, as we will draft up a completely custom plan, but we are always happy to help bring a customer’s vision to life.

Yes, in almost every case, we modify a plan to fit our customers’ specific needs, be it moving a wall, changing locations of a laundry room, adding a half bath or extending the garage to provide more storage and room for larger vehicles. We love to modify our plans to fit our customer’s needs. For homes that are already mid-construction, modifications are available only to a point. Please contact us if you have a client interested in a model home currently being built to see where we’re at in the process and what modifications may be possible.

Yes, we have a rental home division as well! We understand the building process can be long and timing doesn’t always magically work out for a customer to be able to move out of their current housing right into their new Verity Home, so we have rental homes available in both locations and are happy to help accommodate our customers.

We build homes for people out of town every day. You will initially have to visit to sign the paperwork with your New Home Specialist, and that can be via a phone call, video conferencing, etc. You will then need to meet with your Builder to go over your selections. After that, he will be in contact with you to update you weekly on the status of your home.

Our floor plans are not for sale. They have been developed after years of preparation and discovery about how people live in and use their home. In addition, every homesite has particular characteristics and soil conditions that require engineering and attention to detail, affecting the suitability of a floor plan to the site itself.

We have to meet certain guidelines and covenants in each community and therefore may be limited in which floor plan will be allowed on any given homesite.

We do not include garage space in our square footage calculations.

No, your buyer can use whomever they wish for their financing. However in order to get the best incentives for your buyer, it would be in their best interest to work with one of our Preferred Lenders. Some of our promotions are only available to buyers who finance through one of our Preferred Lenders.

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