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Most of us grew up with the idea that we need a huge down payment in order to be able to purchase a home. We heard our parents or grandparents talk about having to put down a whopping 20% of the asking price just to get a mortgage.

Good news those “rules” are no longer true…

Thanks to low down payment mortgage options that are now widely available, most renters can become owners… with monthly home payments that are often less than monthly rent! Plus, those monthly payments will turn into equity — building value in your home that you own vs. giving your money away to the landlord and never seeing it again.

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Verity Homes’ Preferred Lenders

Ready to take the first step? Our preferred lender partners are ready… and they’re here to guide you through the process every step of the way! Getting a mortgage may seem like a daunting task, but we’ve partnered with three of the best financial institutions in the Upper Midwest to make it as stress-free as can be.
To find out what you qualify for and start the journey towards building your dream home, start here… learn more about our Preferred Lenders and apply today!
Click Here to Apply Online with Security First Bank

Security First Bank of ND

Security First Bank is a family owned community bank that was awarded the “Best of the Best” in six categories by Bismarck Tribune readers for providing excellent service. Our Mortgage Lenders, Dennis & Natalie, love helping homebuyers purchase their dream home and with over 30 years of experience, they are experts at making the process smooth and hassle free. With our new online “Mortgage in a Minute” application, the process is even easier! Building your dream home takes time, but being approved for your dream home only takes minutes!
Click Here to Apply Online with First International Bank and Trust

First International Bank and Trust

First International Bank &  Trust is a family-owned independent community bank with 27 locations across 3 states. Our expert team  of mortgage professionals can make your dream home a reality. Whether you’re buying or building, our team works with you to achieve your home loan goals. First International Bank & Trust focuses on helping you keep your financial life in order so you can do what matters most: Live First. To Live First is a way of life – a culture of understanding what matters most. It’s different for all of us. That’s why we offer a full lineup of financial services to support people when they want to purchase their first home, grow or expand their business, plan for retirement or protect their legacy for generations to come.
Click Here to Apply Online with Plains Commerce Bank (NMLS #463950)

Plains Commerce Bank

For over 80 years, Plains Commerce Bank has been financing dreams across the Dakotas. As a local lender, we have earned a merited reputation for keeping the complex world of home financing simple. Our own Tanya Pomarleau, named Champion of Affordable Housing by North Dakota Housing Finance Agency, is no stranger to home financing. With over twenty years of experience, Tanya has grown to love working in the mortgage industry and especially enjoys helping first-time home buyers enter into the biggest investment of their lives with confidence and clarity. Tanya’s dedication to her clients ensures each customer has the best experience possible.

All credit and loan products are subject to credit approval. Loan programs subject to qualification.

7 Reasons Why Owning Makes More Sense Than Renting:

Rent Always Increases – Your Mortgage Rate is Locked In

You’re monthly rent payment will go up about 20% during the next five years… 40% in ten years.

You Can Customize Your Space (Because It’s Yours!)

No asking permission from landlords. Your house is yours to make into a home.

No Landlord Can Kick You Out

As long as you make your monthly mortgage payments, no one can ever kick you out.

You’ll Be Saving AND Earning

Paying rent is like paying for someone else’s mortgage… you never see that money again. Owning a home keeps your money invested (and growing) with you and your property.

You’ll Qualify for Tax Breaks

Come tax season, you can deduct mortgage interest payments… but the perks don’t stop there. Homeowners can also deduct eligible expenses (certain energy-efficient appliances or upgrades can qualify).

You’ll Have Total Privacy

No neighbors keeping you up on the other side of a shared wall. No kids running down the halls. No funky smells in the halls at night when everyone’s cooking dinner.

There is ZERO Equity in Renting

Your monthly rent payments disappear into the landlord’s pocket. Your monthly mortgage payment, however, is an investment into your home.

**No Money Down financing is provided by USDA and may not be available to all Verity Homes customers in all communities. However additional low down payment financing options may be available. Credit and income restrictions do apply. For more information consult an independent mortgage specialist.

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