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We Don't Just Build Homes... We Build Peace of Mind

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating Refreshing and Affordable homes that people Love living in. Open the door to any Verity Home and you'll see why we're different - our innovative designs, spacious floor plans, creative use of space and quality construction showcase our dedication to beautiful designs. We are proud to provide a simple and fun building process while offering the best value with a true balance of price and product centered around your budget. With dozens of floor plans to choose from, our team will work with you to create the perfect plan for you.

Our Story

Our Story

Verity Homes started with a simple realization. Arthur (Art) Goldammer, our company’s founder and CEO, found himself at the University of Mary in the middle of his fifth year of business school when inspiration struck…

“I just couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life sitting in a maze of cubicles in some high-rise in downtown Minneapolis.”

One of Art’s core beliefs is that there is no such thing as “good enough,” and to him cubicle life didn’t even meet that criteria. It was unimaginative and lacked the challenge he craved. So Art took stock of his life experience, which included a childhood highlighted by a love of construction and summers spent swinging hammers, and he set out to forge his own path in life… and Verity Homes was born.

“I was known to wear a carpenter’s tool belt around the house at the ripe old age of 2.” Art said with a fond, reminiscent look in his eyes. “My parent’s couldn’t keep me away from construction sites when I was a kid, and I’ve been building things ever since. I’m just lucky to have discovered my passion and even more lucky to be able to pursue it each and every day.”

A Boutique Home Building Experience

“We give our buyers the fun, unhurried, personal experience that you typically only find with the high-end home builders… builders that will only work with clients looking to build their second or third home vs. the new home buyer,” Art explained.

Builders our size tend to rely on a rigid copy-and-paste type process, where they give customers a list of options and a set allowance, then turn them loose to go “build their dream house.” While that sounds exciting — and in some sense liberating — once you get into the build process, you realize how complex it is and how many decisions need to be made.

We know our customers aren’t the experts… we are.” Art said, “So we developed a much more personal process here at Verity that frees us up to spend as much time as needed with each individual client. We don’t rush anything. Instead, we let our customers guide us and allow time for contemplation… and for fun!”

Early on, Art and our team chose to bring everything in-house to ensure every question gets answered and no surprises pop up. It’s a more intensive, hands-on approach on our part, but it gives our clients a much easier — and much less stressful — experience. We’re proud of the process we’ve developed over the years at Verity Homes… a boutique home building experience that places the customer at the center of everything.

Looking to the Future

“We have tremendous power as homebuilders, and we can give a lot back to our community while setting a good example for other community leaders,” Art said.

This is the not-so-secret mission of Verity Homes. Not only do we pride ourselves on building homes people love to live in, homes that build equity and make memories for future generations, we also place a tremendous amount of value in giving back to the communities we serve.

As we expand into new communities and introduce new floor plans that capitalize on the latest design trends and eco-friendly practices, we will also expand our community building efforts. The Verity Homes brand has already earned a reputation for quality, affordability and a process that is truly fun and exciting for our customers… now we’re setting our sites on earning your trust as a compassionate community leader.


  • Simple, Easy, + Fun Building Process
  • Modern Personalization + Design Center
  • Open Floor Plans + Large Windows
  • Innovative, Inviting + Inspired Designs


  • Designed to Fit Your Budget
  • Sustainable + Energy Efficient
  • Preferred Lenders + Buyers Support
  • Competitive Product Pricing


  • Community + Family Centric
  • Best Customer Service in the Market
  • Team Support Before + After Sale
  • Build with Integrity + Attention to Detail

Features: What’s Included in Every Verity Home?

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