An update from Verity Homes’ CEO and Founder, Arthur Goldammer…

Friends, in my more than 20 years in the home building industry, I’ve seen my fair share of strange springs. Massive floods, early thaws and more than a few April blizzards. Mother Nature always has a way of making her presence known lest we forget who’s really in charge! 

But I must say this spring is one like any other. The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged us all. I am so proud my team here at Verity not only for how we have responded, but how we took on the challenge to also help others respond and adapt in order to stay afloat

One of the biggest reasons — if not the biggest — why I love what I do is that we get to play a big role in our local economies. We build houses, but we also provide jobs… to our team, to our trade partners who help us construct our homes, to our lending partners and investors. Together, we all work to serve our customers and keep our local economies vibrant and successful. 

I am happy to share that because of our hard work, quick response and open communication with all parties involved, we are as busy as ever. I think the all-time low interest rates have something to do with it… but I also think the quarantine just made us aware of all the things we maybe don’t love about our current homes. 

If you were forced to work from home, you may have found yourself wishing you had a true home office. If you have young kids who suddenly had no school or daycare to attend, maybe you wished for more space or a basement to use as an activity hub. Or perhaps all those nights of Netflix had you wishing for a real home theater with surround sound. 

We’ve heard it all the past month or so, and we’re happy to be in a position to help improve the living experience for our customers. And again, we’re thankful to be able to tell our trade partners that they can count on us to keep them busy with new homes to construct. 

Regarding Covid, it’s something we’ve been talking to our customers a lot about recently. The reality is nobody knows what the future brings. Will there be a second wave in the fall/winter, forcing us back into our homes? If so, is your current home where you want to be? Some aren’t even sure we’ve made it through the first wave yet. If you’re forced to work from home — and maybe take on the roll of homeschool teacher again — is your current home going to make it easier or harder?

On a lighter note, and circling back (finally) to the question posed in the title… where do you want to celebrate the holidays? 

Like many other things in life, home building is often cyclical. We see similar patterns year after year, and they often revolve around milestones like Christmas or anniversaries or graduation. Folks want to be in their new home in time to celebrate, and Christmas is perhaps the most popular deadline we hear year after year. 

Sound familiar? If that’s you, if you want to “be in by Christmas” you’re almost running out of time. Honestly… I know it’s six months away, but you have to plan for weather delays, moving, unpacking, settling in, etc. If you truly want to be in and, more importantly, be ready for Christmas, call us today so we can start talking through some ideas and options. Or click the chat icon down on the right to get in touch with Ben right now. 

I have a feeling this year will be full of milestones… or, should I say, even more milestones. It may also bring more discomfort. But you have the ability to make one big change that could make everything easier and definitely more comfortable. AND, you’ll be supporting your local economy along the way. 

We’re ready to help. We’re excited that we can help!