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We’re always at the mercy of Mother Nature, but starting the planning process now with us means you’ll be the first customers we work on come spring… when the ground thaws out.
Be FIRST on the Spring Dig Schedule
You Won't Feel Rushed 
This is a huge advantage, as the home building process is complex. Our process already focuses on taking the stress out, but giving yourself all this time to make the hard decisions and plan out your home exactly the way you want it makes it that much easier.
Starting now means you get the best pricing possible. We always anticipate our materials and labor costs will rise once we get into the next building season. If you wait, you miss out on potentially tens of thousands of dollars in savings. Plus, interest rates are still low!
You'll Save Money!

Lock In 2019 

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Our 3 Preferred Local Lenders are also ready to help you work through your budget and explore your options… we're all here to guide you through the process every step of the way!

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