Core Values

Verity Homes core Value

At Verity Homes, we don’t just build houses… we build peace of mind. To deliver on that promise, we abide by three core values that we developed together as a team over the course of several years. These three core values drive every decision, every communication and every interaction we have with each other, with our valued trade partners, our investors and, of course, our customers.

As with just about everything we do here at Verity Homes, there’s a good story behind each of these three values… and we’d love to share. Just ask!

1. Be Legendary

We want to be the hero in a story you tell the rest of your life. We want the Verity brand name to hold a special place in the hearts and minds of our customers… and their friends and family. How? By doing whatever it takes to do the best job possible. By always showing up on time with a positive attitude. By giving genuine thanks to our customers, our trade partners, our investors and our fellow team members. By “touching it up” wherever and whenever we see an opportunity for improvement. All of our core values add up to one ultimate goal: becoming the stuff of legend.

2. Protect It

We maintain a culture of safety, whether it’s on a job site wearing hard hats and tying off on scaffolding, or in the office ensuring our customers feel comfortable entrusting us to build their dream home. Others may claim to walk the walk… at Verity Homes, we caulk the caulk. We communicate openly and honestly. We fill in the gaps. We literally get in the floor if that’s what it takes. We protect everyone from customers to trade partners to investors. Building Peace of Mind starts with keeping the entire process safe for all involved.

3. Find the Win 4X

Our customers must win. Our trade & supply partners in the field must win. Our Verity team must win. And our shareholders must win. To be the builder new customers and partners seek out and ask to work with, work for and represent, we find creative solutions where everyone involved in the process wins and enjoys Verity-level Peace of Mind.