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At Verity Homes, we don’t just build homes… We build peace of mind... And we do that by offering a boutique home building experience that is simple, fun and easy for everyone involved. We’ve honed our process over the years to ensure communication flows both ways, keeping everyone informed every step of the way. 

Hear more about Verity Homes from Arthur Goldammer, our founder and CEO, along with Ashley and Rory Anderson, our Design Studio Consultant and New Home Specialist…

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12 Simple Steps to Building Your Dream Home

  • Getting To Know Each Other
  • How Can We Help You Build Your Dream Home?
  • Let’s Get Building!
  • Personalize Your New Home at Inspirations by Verity
  • Make Sure Everything Is Just Right
  • Time to Make Any Final Adjustments
  • Unleash the Big Kid Toys!
  • Come See the Progress
  • The Finish Line is Within Site
  • Step Inside Your New Verity Home!
  • Time to Hand Over the Keys
  • Because We Care… Even After the Sale
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